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Pullman Excavators

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Designing a good logo start with understanding the theme   behind the design, that's what is going to guide you as you brainstorm the kind of sketches to come up with. A good logo should be related to the activities the company does and should be appealing to the eye of every viewer ,and in order to achieve this, ensure you follow the following principle so that to come up with a creative logo that satisfy your need .

A good logo should be :

Simple- For easier recognition and interpretation .

Unique -Your logo should not be confused with another.

Peculiar -Your logo should have proceeded form of style ,uncommon and strange .

Memorable - This allow easier remembrance of the logo.

Contemporary -  your logo should remain fashionable in order to retain its sense of design .

Symbolism -The form of trade symbol must bear a deeper meaning in an encoded message to which meaning is attached .

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December 6, 2017


Pullman Excavators
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